I resolve to have a slimmer, more toned body in 2016. So I’m ending 2015 and starting the new year with the perfect post-holiday body treatment from Flawless. Here’s my review.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on December 31, 2015
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Flawless Greenhills Branch in V-Mall Garden

For three years now, my best friends have been getting married, one after the other, and all of them scheduled their weddings in January—right after the holidays. The third one is actually next week, and in Boracay, of all places. I’m part of the entourage, so not only did I have to diet and not eat so much during the holidays so I would fit into my body-hugging dress, I also have to really cram my workout (I didn’t have time when there’s work). Still, that’s not enough to get me bikini ready; I had to do something more: I decided to head to Flawless for one of their slimming treatments.

Shape & Sculpt is Flawless’ popular non-invasive and pain-free slimming solution that reduces fat, tones muscles, and contours the body, all in one treatment with three steps: Cavitation Ultrasound, Radio Frequency (RF), and Interference Muscle Toning. Shape & Sculpt is made to slim down and tone the face, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, and legs. They promised that results are visible after just one session. I decided to give it a try around the abs—the hardest to trim and tone.


I was able to relax in the treatment bed in Flawless Greenhills’ private treatment room.

What to expect during the treatment

The first part of the treatment is a 15-minute Cavitation Ultrasound, which melts and dissolves fat cells. The therapist massages your abdominal area using this round head connected to their machine.

This is followed by RF (15min), which heats target areas to lift and firm skin, so even if the fat disappeared quickly, you don’t get uneven-looking skin. Flawless’ version of RF is different from others I’ve tried, because theirs is applied through a wide, hard belt plate-like contraption with rubber pads that are supposed to make contact with your skin. This just proved to be a challenge for me because my torso is small and short, so the plate was hitting my hip bones and ribs, and the therapist had to press it down just so it would hit my abdomen. This part of the treatment ended with a quick tummy massage.


The RF belt plate

The last step is Interferal Frequency (10min), which produces vibrations and muscular contractions to firm up muscles, as if I did abdominal crunches. In fact, soon after they removed the rubber pads connected to the machine that delivered the contractions, I could still feel them on my tummy for a few minutes, and I really felt like I did a lot of core work.

One session of Shape & Sculpt can take up to an hour, including preps, depending on your target area. The procedure is painless, although there may be a slight tingling sensation or buzzing in the ear during Cavitation, heat on the target area during RF, and discomfort or even a tickling sensation during Interferal Frequency (I would laugh so hard sometimes, that’s how much it tickles, haha), but all are tolerable. The therapist adjusts the intensity according to the level you are most comfortable in; she regularly asked me if I can take it, or if we can go to a higher level, and of course I asked her to intensify it. In the case of the muscle toning procedure, especially, muscle contractions occur, so the higher your tolerance, the better your results. Of course I asked for the highest level to get maximum results.

Results: As promised, I saw results immediately after one session. I lost two inches around my waist and half an inch on my hips! Just imagine how much more you’ll lose with more sessions.


The Shape & Sculpt machine on the left

Why get this treatment?

Shape & Sculpt is designed for those who want to look slimmer and feel lighter through a non-surgical aesthetic procedure (I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for a surgical procedure, TBH). And if you’ve lost a lot of weight really fast, be it through a rigorous diet, cleanse, or workout, it’s also ideal to help reshape the body. If you are already active and exercise regularly, Shape & Sculpt will boost the results of your efforts and help you tone and lose more and quicker.

You can only do one session per week, so the area will not get battered. Number of sessions vary per patient, depending on the goal, but they usually recommend six to seven sessions to see desired results. (For this review, I only did two).

This treatment works for me because I combined it with regular exercise (yoga) and, while I don’t really diet—hello, holidays—I control my food intake and try to avoid rice and carbs (operative word is “try,” haha).

Cost: Shape & Sculpt starts at P1,000/session, depending on the area. It’s P4,500/session in the abdominal area. Since you practically get three different treatments in one session, I think it’s sulit. Consider it a gift to yourself and a wise investment for a better-looking, more toned body in 2016. And in my case, it’s so I can take awesome photos in Boracay and not feel self-conscious about my belly when I’m in my bikini.

Dos and Don’ts

1. Don’t eat or drink two hours before the scheduled treatment.
2. After the session, wait at least one hour before and drinking.
3. Once the hour has passed, drink as much water as you can, so you can continue to wash and pee away the fat that the treatment melted.
4. Avoid taking a hot shower or hitting the spa or sauna the day of the treatment.
5. Refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeine one to two days after.
6. Any physical activity done a few hours after treatment is good for fluid drainage and effective body toning.


I tried Shape & Sculpt in Flawless’ branch at the Ground Floor of V-Mall Garden in Greenhills Shopping Center. I like this branch because it’s not as crowded as the branch where I usually go (Megamall), so it’s quiet and cozy, and I can really relax.

For appointments and consultation, call 02-5845157 or 0917-5954497. For the complete list of branches, visit flawless.com.ph. For Flawless’ latest promo, click here.

Photos by Trixie Reyna

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