Plus, learn more how you can snag a 2016 Guide by a Feng Shui Master in the Flawless Lucky Charm Promo.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on January 31, 2016
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Flawless Lucky Charm Promo

Want to know your luck in love, health, and wealth in the Year of the Monkey? In celebration of Chinese New Year, Flawless is offering you a limited edition 2016 Guide by Feng Shui Master Marites Allen, which you can get free for every P4,000 spent on a single transaction.

Learn about your Chinese zodiac and how you can navigate your way to success this year with the expert advice of Marites Allen. Also find out what makes Flawless celebrities lucky in their respective careers in Your 2016 Guide.


If I may make a suggestion on one of the treatments to try at Flawless, make sure to include the All-Natural Ultimate White Facial (which Maxene Magalona swears by). This Flawless-exclusive whitening facial is all organic, which means there are no chemicals in the four main products used on your skin, and this particular facial doesn’t make use of their facial machines—everything is applied by hand or using cotton, which is part of the hygienic pack that sets Flawless facials apart (I blogged about it here).

At the time I got the facial, I had just returned from Boracay. Parts of my face were tanned while my body was lighter because I was barely out in the sun and my body sunscreen had higher protection than the one I used on my face, so I thought I’d even it out with this facial. The therapists and the in-house doctor at Flawless have long been recommending this facial, so I figured it’s time I gave it a try.

As with any Flawless facial, it started with aromatherapy: The therapist will ask you to inhale essential oils for relaxation.

Then she cleansed my face with facial foam, before applying the Whitening Activator Serum, which has an oil formulation, massaged all over my face and neck—I really enjoyed this massage.

All the products used in this facial had a soothing floral, fruity spa-like scent, which is a mix of eucalyptus and lemon extracts, I’m told. It makes use of the combined natural ingredients from the Dead Sea, including Dunaliella Seaweeds and Gigawhite, a natural skin-lightening agent.

The next product applied is the Whitening Gel Exfoliator, which was also massaged onto my face and neck, but not as long as the first one. This step exfoliates dead skin with fine beads to reveal smooth skin. It also has a cooling effect from the menthol in it. It was left on my face and neck for five minutes before being wiped off. During this time, the therapist put warm mittens on my hands for more relaxation. This is really what I love about Flawless facials: all the little details that make me feel more pampered!

Next, the therapist applied eye destressing cream to lessen the puffiness and relax my eye area. Then she covered my peepers with a cotton eye patch while she extracted my blackheads and whiteheads.

After the extraction, she applied the all-natural Whitening Boosting Mask, which she left on my face and neck for 20 minutes. Its main benefit is lightening your dark spots. It contains Vitamin C, A, and E, and has a cooling effect with a bit of a sting, which eventually subsides. And then came my favorite: The therapist gave me a back and shoulder massage before wiping off the mask.

The final step is the Whitening Nourishing Cream that helps even out the skin tone and lessen fine lines with its anti-aging properties.


The result? I liked the healthy, even, fairer glow of my face immediately after. It does have an immediate lightening, rejuvenating, and smoothening effect. My face also doesn’t look like it’s been through battle; I could walk around the mall with my head held high, no makeup, no worries! You can actually do this facial every two weeks, especially if you like its effect like I do. At P1,600, it can be quite an investment, but if you want to whiten naturally, this is worth a try—you deserve it!

Another suggested Flawless treatment you can get to avail of the 2016 Guide? My favorite body shaping treatment, Shape & Sculpt! I blogged about it here. It’s P4,500 per session around the abdominal area, so one session is enough to get you the 2016 Guide!

The Flawless Lucky Charm promo is ongoing until March 31, 2016 in all Flawless clinics nationwide. To know more about Flawless and the promo, visit


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