These 10 women are photographed & videoed in their swimwear sans retouching for an arguably unprecedented summer campaign by a brand that offers slimming, whitening, and anti-aging treatments.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on March 26, 2018
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While other aesthetic centers are promoting slimming treatments in time for bikini season, Flawless Face and Body Clinic launches a bold summer campaign, Flawless Dare to Bare.

“No Filter, No Edits” Maxene Magalona

No Filter No Edits Maxene Magalona

One of the major aspects of this campaign is its big gesture of redeeming the beauty industry with its decision to roll out a “No Filter, No Edits” print ad featuring actress Maxene Magalona-Mananquil. The image of the endorser confidently smiling in her bathing suit was photographed with natural lighting, and her body had no touch-up—just “100% Flawless Confidence,” as the tagline goes.

“In the 16 years of our experience in taking care of people’s face, skin, and body, we noticed that as soon as our clients realize how beautiful they are, that is when they pursue and offer other beautiful things,” shares Rubby Sy-Coyiuto, CEO and Founder of Flawless. “Sometimes to themselves, by enhancing or improving certain features, but most of the time, it’s for society or the world to benefit.”

New brand spokespersons

Kiray Celis

In an unprecedented move, they tapped women who are least expected to endorse a Filipino beauty brand with a name that resonates with perfection: a plus-size actress; a muscular Olympic medalist; a half-Pinay, half-African-American model; and curvy social media influencers.

Danah & Stacey Gutierrez

As a pioneer in the Philippines’ beauty industry, Flawless continues to surprise the market with its unique approach to beauty. This summer, the skincare brand introduced nine inspiring Filipinas—actresses Kiray Celis and Cai Cortez, Olympic medalist Hidilyn Diaz, model Mara Smith, viral pageant contestant Evita Del Mundo, lifestyle blogger Earth Rullan, beauty vlogger Helen Payawal, and bloggers and motivational speakers Danah Gutierrez and Stacy Gutierrez—as their campaign spokespersons to make waves and shake the industry by breaking beauty standards.

Earth Rullan

“We are market leaders, and yes, we do have a say on who is Flawless—and that’s everyone,” says Rubby. “Our brand exists to empower people with beauty; and with our holistic approach, making people beautiful doesn’t just end with the use of our products and services, this extends to making all people know and feel that they are beautiful!”

#FlawlessTowelDrop Challenge

Hidilyn Diaz

It doesn’t stop with these ladies—the Flawless Dare to Bare campaign is meant to encourage body positivity and celebrate the beauty of diversity with everyone. And that’s why Flawless also launched a social media challenge called #FlawlessTowelDrop, to be initiated by the nine Dare to Bare Beauties who will drop their beach towels and flaunt their beach-ready bodies confidently on social media, and then pass on the challenge to a friend or loved one.

Evita Del Mundo

A series of videos featuring the nine notable personalities will be released on Flawless Face Body’s official social media accounts. Also watch for the raffle mechanics for “Flawless Dare to Bare: Siargao Vaction for 2″ online—dropping that towel may prove to be more rewarding than you thought possible!

Cai Cortez

To know more about Flawless and the Flawless Dare to Bare campaign, visit or follow Flawless on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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