I’ve been getting mine done at Flawless, where I found it more affordable and convenient than at the old waxing salon I visit.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on March 20, 2016

Heading to the beach like me this Holy Week—or anytime this summer? If you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time to start getting a Brazilian wax—if not monthly, at least two days before a beach/swimming trip. You’ll feel less self-conscious about any hair peeking out from down there, and it just feels much cleaner!

I usually get Brazilian wax done at Flawless. I was initially surprised to discovery they offered it, when I was browsing their service menu on a day I wanted to get a facial. I used to go to a different waxing salon, but at P600, Flawless offers the service at a much cheaper rate, and so that’s where I’ve been going since (for almost a year now).

I also like how Flawless has an in-house doctor that gives free non-pathologic consultation, so I feel more secure. If anything goes wrong, I know I can have it checked and be prescribed the right meds or even Flawless product for my aftercare.

I got myself a pot of Flawless anti-inflammatory cream (Betamethasone), which I usually apply twice a day for three days, the day after I get a Brazilian wax, to relieve any itching or redness post-wax.

A Brazilian waxing session at Flawless will last from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how much hair you have. Before it starts, the therapist will give you feminine wash and a towel so you can cleanse the area, since you are not supposed to get it wet for at least eight hours after the session.

Hot wax is used, so there would be a slight burn when it’s applied on your skin, and there’s a slight sting when the cloth applied over the wax is pulled out to remove hair. I’ve been getting a Brazilian wax for several years now, and each session still feels like the first time to me; I guess I just never get used to the pain of waxing that particular area. But, the effect is worth it, and I enjoy being hair-free down there; tiis-ganda.

Do not pluck/tweeze or shave the area for at least four weeks before your waxing session. And you must wait this long before you schedule your next session, depending on hair growth. To relieve itching and prevent in-grown hair from forming, scrub the area with a washcloth or loofah three days after your waxing session.

I usually get my Brazilian wax done at Flawless SM Megamall, 5F Mega B. Call 02-6879118 and 0917-5954429 to book an appointment.

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