Flawless marks its 16th year with a two-month anniversary promo, Race to Beauty, offering up to half off on select services until December 31, 2017. Full list here!
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on November 10, 2017
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With all the products and services I get to try for my blog, it takes a lot for me to stick to just one brand for something, be it a body treatment, skincare essential, or cosmetics. But yes, there are certain brands I am loyal to, especially when it comes to specific services. One of them is Flawless, which I regularly visit for my monthly Brazilian waxing sessions, as well as the Acne Control facial when my period breakout gets really bad. I blogged about these experiences that led me to make them a regular part of my beauty routine (click on the bold links to read about them).

Truth be told, I’m a relatively new Flawless regular (I only started two years ago), but this aesthetic clinic that’s preferred around the country—which makes sense, considering how they have clinics nationwide, including Iloilo, thank goodness—is already celebrating 16 Flawless years! And to mark this, Flawless is giving amazing discounts on its popular treatments so that we can all achieve our face, skin, and body goals just in time for the holidays.


Jodi Sta. Maria

Each year, beauty aficionados look forward to Flawless’ anniversary promos with National Flawless Day on December 8, which is when it’s throwing its biggest beauty blowout. But the brand doesn’t stop there: It’s stretching the anniversary treat to two months, from November 1 to December 31, 2017, and calling it Race to Beauty.

Each week starting November 1, Flawless will be offering deals and discounts up to 50% on popular services for Whitening, Age Defying, Clearing, and Slimming. These services include Facials, Nano Powerpeel, Platium Peel, Easy Peel, and Fractional Needling Therapy for the face; Laser Hair Removal, Body Scrub, and Signature Body Peel for the skin; and Mesolipo, Cellutite, and Shape & Sculpt for your sexy body goals. This weekly race is scheduled per service category and will repeat in December. Read on to the bottom of the post for the full list of services on offer up to half off and when you can get a deal on your favorites.


Age Defy Kit

To encourage its clients to pass on beauty this gift-giving season, Flawless also launches Beauty In A Box, a sampler set of cult favorites from the skincare brand. Beauty In A Box comes in two variants: the Whitening Kit (P499), which includes Flawless Whitening Soap, Flawless Whitening Toner, and Flawless Skin White Therapy Cream; and Age Defy Kit (P599), which has Flawless Collagen Soap, Flawless Facial Toner, and Flawless Age Defy Cream.


Whitening Kit

Incidentally, I also decided to go for one of the Flawless Bride packages, which I am road-testing in preparation for my big day next month. My best friend, who’s a doctor in the US, recommended I do a Vitamin C drip to make my skin glow on my big day. I visited Flawless in SM Makati and asked their resident doctor, Dr. Marcos, about the availability of a Vitamin C drip, and turns out they have one: Called Beauty Drip, it’s a cocktail of two vials of glutathione (1200mg), 1000mg of Vitamin C, one ampule of Vitamin B Complex, and 25mg of alpha-lipoic acid. I love how it instantly brightened my complexion and gave me a flattering glow, considering I was suffering from the flu and looked like death before I went to the clinic! That’s saying something.

Besides the Race to Beauty promo and Beauty in a Box, we can also look forward to more new Flawless clinics opening in the coming months.

Full list of weekly Race to Beauty offers you can avail at all Flawless clinics nationwide:

Week 1: Whitening
I learned about this promo on the first week of November and only got to post it now, so you’ll have to wait until December 1-7 to avail of up to 50% off on the following:
Nano Powerpeel (select areas)
Nano Powerpeel with Flawless White Mask
Platinum Peel with Flawless White
Easy Peel
Body Scrub
Mesoestetic Glycolic Peel
Flawless Signature Body Peel
Fractional Needling Therapy Whitening

Week 2: Slimming
November 9-16 & December 11-17
Mesolipo per cocktail
Advanced Nano RF Face
Nano RF Abdomen or Back
Shape And Sculpt: Abs, Arms, Back, Thighs

Week 3: Age Defy
November 17-23 & December 18-24
Fractional Needling Therapy Lift
Skinfusion Ultima Face: Collagen Booster, Intense Hydration, Lifting Face
Nano Powerpeel With Age Defy Mask
Platinum Peel with Age Defy

Week 4: Clear Skin
November 24-30 & December 25-31
Fractional Needling Therapy Retinol
Skinfusion Premier Clearing Face
Mesoestetic Peel
Laser Hair Removal
Nano Powerpeel (select areas)
Platinum Peel with Acne Control

To know more about Flawless and Flawless Race to Beauty promo, visit flawless.com.ph or follow Flawless on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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