I tried Contours’ LaserFit Spot Reduction treatment in preparation for our prenup shoot—see results.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on August 22, 2017
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After several blog posts about it, you know by now that I’ve devoted this year to getting back in shape for my wedding and prenup shoot. I was planning to wear body-hugging gowns for our prenup shoot set in Guimaras, so of course I wanted a flat tummy and to be in my best shape for these photos I’ll cherish forever.

I was getting frustrated because I’ve done a cleanse, I work out regularly, I cut down my food intake, but my puson remained. It didn’t help that a week before my gown fitting and prenup shoot, my fiancé and I ate and drank with careless abandon on our trip to Hong Kong. So I decided to go for a treatment that will help me make my tummy and puson smaller.

laserfit spot 10

I returned to Contours in SM Megamall because I liked the effect of the last treatment I tried there, LaserFit. I learned they have a new LaserFit machine that focuses on specific areas (spot reduction). The machine used reads LipoLaser, and according to the staff, only Contours offers it in Manila.

I asked their staff more about the treatment. The machine they use has large paddles that they put on the target area and keep in place with garter wraps. These melt the fat for the first 15 minutes of the treatment. They also put smaller paddles that are supposed to ‘drain’ the melted fat in the lymphatic drainage; this process takes another 15 minutes. The actual treatment will last for just 30 minutes.

laserfit spot 6

They recommend working out immediately after for faster fat burning and results, followed by the use of their Vibra-machine, which helps drain and burn fats and tone skin so it won’t sag.

LaserFit is supposed to require less sessions with more obvious results in inches along with weightloss—versus RF, which is more for toning and centimeter-loss, and requires more sessions to see results. The treatment is also completely painless; all you are supposed to feel is a little bit of heat. Sometimes, you won’t even feel anything. There’s absolutely no downtime. You can do this even on your break.

This seemed like the solution to my puson woes. I signed up for six sessions, the minimum number of sessions required to see any significant difference. I chose to target the abdomen, of course; customers also have the option to get the treatment done on the upper back (to get rid of back fat that bunches up around the bra), lower back and flanks (to get rid of those ripples of skin and fat), right thigh, left thigh, and arms.

Here are my journal notes from each session:

First session:

Before the treatment, the therapist measured my abdominal area. My measurements then will be compared to my measurements after my last session. For the treatment, four paddles were placed on my tummy area, as well as two tiny ones for ‘draining’ near my crotch, right on the skin, which I found weird. I just said I hope they clean the paddles before they used it on me and before using it on another customer.

laserfit spot 7

A ten-minute workout followed; I just watched a PopSugar video on their TV in the workout room while I did some squats and lifted weights. Then I used the Vibra-machine (Waki Fit Massage) for 10 minutes in varying positions: standing for a minute, 20 push-ups, plank for a minute, squats, and backbend, all of which I did twice.

That night, I noticed a slight reduction around my tummy area, and my puson felt toned—like I was wearing Spanx!

laserfit spot 8


Second & third sessions:

I realized this treatment is making me pee a lot, and when I asked the therapist about it, they confirmed it’s because the melted fat gets released by the body through my urine. However, by my third session, I’m still wondering why I don’t seem to be looking thinner around the waist and my puson, considering my period is over.

Fourth session:

Honestly, I still don’t feel like my tummy is getting smaller; in fact, it looks less toned and my puson more pronounced. Today, I may have discovered why: The treatment is really just for inch-loss, not toning. The therapist asked me, “Parang lumalambot po ba? Nafi-feel n’yo ba? (Is it getting soft? Do you feel it?)” I confirmed from the therapists that the treatment really makes the area soft because the laser is melting the fat. Goodbye whatever semblance of toning I had before the treatment.

I did have a good session today. Since the therapist noticed I need too few paddles (they have a hard time squeezing in four), they also put the remaining four paddles around my arms (two per arm), so I can also experience the effect on that area. Then they doubled my workout (20 minutes) and Vibra session (20 minutes).

laser fit spot 5

Fifth session:

They placed the extra paddles around my arms again. Though I’m not sure I like how the treatment is making the target areas softer after working hard to tone them in yoga class, today I felt slimmer for the first time since I started the treatment.

Sixth session and results:

They measured me again after my last session and workout. I lost 1.5 inches around my waist and 2in. around my puson. They didn’t measure my arms since it wasn’t initially part of my number of package; I only had three sessions on the area.


Prenup photo by Love Train Studios 

Days after the last session, I noticed I can fit in my body-hugging dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans again. My arms even feel slimmer. And during the prenup shoot, I really felt I was in great shape; I even got compliments for my weightloss. My puson doesn’t look as flat as I wanted it to be, especially when I’m photographed from the side, but I’m happy with how I look when I’m facing the camera. See some of my solo prenup shots (above and below).


Prenup photo by Love Train Studios 

Reminders and restrictions on the treatment

1. The staff reminded me that this treatment is not recommended when you have your menstruation. My original first visit fell on the first day of my period, so I had to reschedule it when my menses were down to just spotting. It’s not allowed for pregnant women.

2. You’re not supposed to eat for at least 30 minutes before the session, and only take light meals after.

3. The treatment complements your workout for faster burning, so do as many activities as possible for better results.

4. Make sure to schedule your session every two to three days for best results.


The 6-session/area package I got is P14,400, which comes out to P2,400 per session per area. If you get just one session on one area, it costs P3,000; you save more as you increase the number of sessions. The recommended number of sessions is 10 to 12 to really see results. A 12-session package is just 24,000, which comes out to P2,000 per session. Plus, you get 10,000 worth of freebies like four sessions of Acutrim (laser acupuncture that targets food cravings) and four sessions of RF.


The therapist said this treatment is better than the usual RF because you see inch-loss, not just centimeter-loss. What I didn’t expect is how it will counter my efforts to tone my abdomen.

If I have to choose between spot reduction and the LaserFit program for the whole body, I would still prefer the latter. When I tried it last time, I really felt I slimmed down because of it. With this spot-reduction treatment, I didn’t feel the effect as much, even if my waist measurements show I lost inches.

The spot-reduction treatment is great for those who don’t really want to lose weight but just want to reduce the size of certain areas. But you must expect to make the effort to tone the area after the treatment. If you want toning along with a slight size-reduction, stick to RF. Contours’ RF sessions are more affordable—you just need more sessions to see results, but it still comes out cheaper. I’m already planning to try this next, right before my big day.

For other Contours treatments you can explore, check out this blog post.

To know more about Contours, contact their main clinic at +632-5564878 or email drclaudine@rouradermsurgery.com. For a complete list of services and branches, visit contours.com.ph.

CONTOURS Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute is located at the following:

2nd floor, South Park Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City, Philippines. Contact them at +632-5564878, +632-4035533,+63915-1163911, and info@contours.com.ph.

5th floor Bldg A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Call them at +632-6354984.

3rd level, SM BF Paranaque, Dr. A Santos Ave. Sucat, Paranaque City. Call them at +63916-5509873.

Contours photos by Trixie Reyna

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