The new Clarins Double Serum boasts of 21 powerful natural ingredients, and its new bottle makes it more convenient to use.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on October 16, 2017

I’ve put off using anti-aging serums long enough (I’ve been in denial), and unfortunately, it has taken a toll on my skin. Fine lines are starting to show, and I’m desperate to fix the damage, at least before my big day in two months. So now, I’m really game to try anything—even investing in expensive facials and serums.

I know a lot of people who swear by Clarins’ iconic serum, the Double Serum, and I think now’s the perfect time to give it a try since the beauty brand recently improved the product further. The two serums in one first formulated in 1985 boasts of a pioneering double formula that combines water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients to target signs of aging. And the 8th Generation Edition of the Clarins Double Serum that comes out October 2017 has a double innovation that offers further improvement on age control on the skin.

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The effects

Of course the first thing we want to know is: How well does it work? The Clarins Double Serum is supposed to diminish fine lines and visible pores in just a week; and skin is supposed to be visibly smoother, firmer, younger looking, and more beautiful after using it consistently for a month. Based on timing alone, this seems exactly what I need to look young and flawless on my wedding day.

In case you want to know just by how much skin is supposed to improve, it claims to significantly reduce wrinkles by up to 20.1%, make skin more elastic by 32.5%, reduce pores by up to 16.2%, and hydrate the skin all day long by 68.1% an hour after application. That’s how precise and specific the Double Serum’s promised results are.

I am still road-testing the product, but I can tell you that after the first application, my skin felt really smooth and remained that way until the following day. I also love its subtle, soothing fragrance and wonderfully light yet luxurious texture. It combines the richness of an oil (without any greasy residue) with the smoothness of an ultra-comfortable gel texture, so skin feels light and soft to the touch, and not sticky or oily.


Two vials in one bottle

The hyped up new double vial bottle + double pump

One of the most talked about features of the new version of the Double Serum is how the bottle houses interlocking vials: the oil-based phase is now housed in the water-based phase. The previous versions had two different vials which contained each of the formula phases. For people like me who like minimal fuss on their skincare regimen, the old version’s just two vials too many.

But with new Double Serum, the two phases mix together upon application to preserve the integrity of both types of ingredients (water-soluble and oil-soluble). Its unique push button system automatically delivers just the right amount of each phase: 2/3 water-based ingredients and 1/3 oil-based ones. You can also customize the amount of product you use, depending on your skin’s needs or the climate/seasons with the new adjustable push button system: less product when it’s warmer and more humid, and your skin feels normal or oily; more product when it’s cold and your skin feels drier and needs that extra dose. No wastage, and you use the product smarter.

clarins double pump

The double pump allows you to customize your dose

The science behind Double Serum

In case you’ve reached this part of the post still wondering how the product can promise the things it does, let’s get to the technical science terms. So apparently, in case you didn’t know, cells communicate to each other using lipid microdomains that make it possible for cells to “hear” messages from their environment. These are found in different types of cells including keratinocytes (key to the skin’s barrier function) and fibroblasts (key to promoting youthful skin). To help preserve the skin’s youth and beauty, each cell ensures five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection.

To stimulate the skin’s five vital functions, the new Double Serum ‘decodes’ the skin’s youthful language. Clarins researchers deciphered the cosmetic properties of hundreds of plant extracts and studied their interactions with the skin, and then selected 20 key ingredients: 18 high-performing plant extracts that have a specific action on each of the skin’s vital functions and two plant-based ingredients with a targeted action. Double Serum brings these extracts together in one product this year with the addition of a new discovery: turmerone, the product’s new star ingredient.


There are 21 natural ingredients in the Clarins Double Serum

The highest performing ingredient to protect the cells’ ‘listening system’ and maintain cellular receptivity is turmeric extract, which is highly concentrated in turmerone. Clarins studied several plants that contained this extract and chose to use turmeric. Turmeric extract helps preserve the ‘listening’ ability, enhance good cellular communication, and optimize the five vital functions’ proper functioning.

Turmeric’s growing number of fans will likely rejoice. I feel a tad better that the serum is made up of such natural ingredients, most of which we are already familiar with (and you can see them in the image above): besides turmeric, there are nine organic ingredients (quinoa, Marsh samphire, kiwi, Mary’s thistle, Goji berry, edelweiss, leaf of life, ginger lily, and green banana—the last three of which are also fair trade certified), as well as avocado, oat, cocoa tree, beautyberry, teasel, Huang qi, red jania, mango tree, horse chestnut, myrothamnus, and orthosiphon.

If I lost you there, just note that this serum will not be iconic if it didn’t work well all these years, so it might just really be worth the investment if you have a few thousand bucks to spare.

Clarins Double Serum is available in 30 mL (P5,150) and 50 mL (P6,950) bottles on Clarins counters at Rustan’s Department Stores in Ayala Center Makati, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, and Ayala Center Cebu this October. For more information, visit

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