While browsing online for baby gift ideas, I came across Carefor Baby, available on Lazada. Check out affordable products you can get for your baby, give to inaanaks this Christmas, and use on your sensitive skin.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on November 18, 2015

I was looking online for what gifts to give for back-to-back baptisms I was invited to, and I found Carefor Baby, a complete range of skin and hair care products for babies and mothers, available on Lazada. They have all the baby essentials, and all are safe and have no harmful chemicals like AES material, formaldehyde, and dioxin contents. Most ingredients are natural, hypo-allergenic, soap-free, dye-free, and alcohol-free, making them ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

What’s good about the products is they can also be used by adults with sensitive skin. Here’s a list of available products and some I’ve already added to my own beauty routine. Click on the product name to buy it online on Lazada for the babies on your gift list this holiday season.


Carefor Baby Milk Bath (P95)

This milk bath is soap-free, tear-free, and pH balanced, so it’s suitable for daily use, even for newborns. Its creamy soft wash formula is enriched with natural moisturizers and milk proteins that gently cleanse, nourish, soften, and protect baby’s skin from dryness. It’s actually great for adults with sensitive skin, too, and I was able to put this to the test myself. My skin often reacts to products with strong fragrances and potent ingredients, so I gave this a try and liked how gentle it was on my skin. I like its mild baby scent, too, and I felt it thoroughly cleanse my skin without drying or irritating it. I apply it directly on skin with my hands or use a washcloth or bath sponge.


Carefor Baby Hair and Body Wash (P100)

This is the perfect way to bathe and wash baby’s hair in one go. It gently cleanses and protects baby’s sensitive skin with its pure, mild, soap-free, dye-free, and hypoallergenic formula that’s enriched with hydrating Chamomile essence for a more moisturized and softer hair and skin. It has a tear-free and pH balanced formula, so it’s safe and ideal for daily use—and convenient for moms in a rush.


Carefor Baby Olive Oil (P120)

Give baby’s sensitive skin a soothing massage using this oil with all-natural, nourishing, and relaxing ingredients. It contains the skin-soothing properties of Squalene, the natural moisturizing properties of olive oil, and the nourishing properties of Vitamin E. This is a great body moisturizer for adults, too.


Carefor Baby Lotion (P110)

This ultra-mild and specially-designed lotion for newborn babies and even adults with sensitive skin is rich in Oat Amino Acids and Vitamin E that deeply nourish skin. It also contains Squalene that makes skin soft and smooth, as it has a similar configuration to baby’s skin lipids. This lotion helps revitalize skin from the inside to make it healthier, softer, and smoother on the outside.


Carefor Baby Powder (P80)

Enriched with Honeysuckle Essence that helps absorb dampness and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable, it soothes chafing and skin irritation caused by prickly heat.


Carefor Baby Nappy Rash Cream

Is baby suffering from irritating rashes and chafed skin caused by diapers? This cream enhanced with pure petroleum jelly and anti-rash factor will help relieve it by forming a gentle barrier to protect baby’s tender skin. It’s smooth to apply and wipes off easily. I actually tried this product, too, to soothe my sensitive skin on the bikini area post-Brazilian wax, and I can attest it does relieve the itchiness and inflammation. Every girl who regularly goes for a wax should have this on her bathroom counter.


Carefor Mosquito Repellent

This convenient, easy-to-use spray can help protect both babies and adults from dengue-causing mosquitoes. Its unique blend of natural plant insecticides make it ideal to use even for babies. It doesn’t have DEET or any harmful chemical that can irritate skin. I personally like its fresh, relaxing scent, too.

To browse Carefor Baby products on Lazada, click here.

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