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Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on July 2, 2015
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Note: You’d want to bookmark this page, ladies!


I change the makeup and skincare products I use every so often, especially when I’m reviewing new products for my blog, but the ones I fall in love with stay in my kikay kit and bathroom counter long after I’ve posted my review. Currently, there are four Bobbi Brown products I love and have been using regularly for the past three months:


1. Creamy Lip Color in Hot Red. I like how I can mix it up—I dab it on lightly for a natural-looking, just bitten lip color that even my teenage cousins admire, or I swipe it on generously for a bold red lip that instantly makes a statement even when I keep the rest of my face practically bare.


2. Smokey Eye Mascara. I don’t like wearing falsies unless it’s absolutely necessary, so mascara is my best friend when I want to enhance the curl, length, and volume of my lashes, and this particular mascara does that for me so well in just two applications, without clumping! To use, start with base of lashes then wiggle it up so it’s evenly applied and defined. You can lightly apply mascara on bottom lashes, too. It’s also great for days when you don’t want to wear eyeliner—just make sure to apply very close to the lashline.


3. Long-Wear Eye Pencil. I love wearing eyeliner, which I usually just apply on the upper lashline, so I decided to experiment with this eye pencil I’ve heard so many good things about and line both my upper and my lower lashlines with it. I’m happy with the results! It’s easy to control and packs so much pigment in just one smooth swipe. To keep it light, just dot as close to the lashline as you can. I got so addicted to it, in fact, that I immediately attempted to buy a new one, although last time I checked, it was out of stock, huhu. It’s that popular, so watch for it.


4. Hyrdrating Eye Cream. I learned from the makeup demo by Bobbi Brown Regional Artistry Manager Felix Nguyen that it’s important to prep the skin under your eyes with eye cream so your eyes will look bright, not tired, and concealer will adhere well to the area as you try to lighten it, so I’ve been applying this before doing my makeup and even before going to bed at night.


Yes, three out of the four are eye products because if you know me or have been following my beauty posts, you’ll notice that my eye makeup usually consists of just mascara and eyeliner. And I usually wear red lipstick to complete my makeup look because it makes an instant statement and makes me look instantly made up without having to put a lot of other products on my face. Here’s my makeup look created using these four products:


 I kept the rest of my face bare and applied the red lipstick sparingly so it has that more natural, just-bitten look.


Lowered my gaze in this selfie to show you how the mascara helps make my lashes look even thicker and longer.

I realized at Felix’s makeup demo that my daily makeup look is very Bobbi Brown-inspired: fresh, clean, modern, and most of all, easy to tailor to how much time I have to do it. It’s great for everyday, for work, even for weekends, that’s why these products stay on my makeup kit.


Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

The great thing about Bobbi Brown cosmetics is they’re all easy to apply even while commuting or during stops when you’re driving because they come in portable, easy to use packaging. Makeup should be easy, fun, fast—that’s the principle behind their products.


Bobbi Brown creating a makeup look for Kate Upton, the face of her Hot Collection

So, how exactly do we achieve Bobbi Brown’s signature makeup look? Here, I share with you the 10 steps in Bobbi’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson, from prepping with skincare to finishing with mascara, which will help you enhance your features and look and feel your prettiest. After you’ve learned all 10, you can chose to do just a few of the steps, depending on how much time you have or the occasion. Click the first thumbnail to enlarge the photo and launch the gallery, and keep clicking for each step (detailed in the captions).

Photos by Trixie Reyna
Except Bobbi’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson photos, which are courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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